Blend of modern and traditional styles for a look that’s fresh and exciting

“New” and “traditional” are two words that don’t seem to go together but, in home design, new traditional is a hot trend—and with good reason. With European influences and roots ranging from English country style to French classics, the traditional genre in known for its matching dark wood furniture sets, heavy use of patterns and weighty window treatments amongst other signature looks. Traditional furniture and home decor offer classic shapes and styling that will always have a place in home design. However, they bring a certain aesthetic—more formal, heavy and dark—that doesn’t fit in many of today’s casual and contemporary homes.

That’s where the new traditional style comes in to place. A mix of traditional and modern style, new traditional furniture and home décor can look both classic and current. By blending traditionally-inspired furniture with contemporary styling, you can bring home a piece that feels established, yet inspired; formal, yet comfortable; familiar, yet fresh; timeless, yet timely. It’s softer than strictly traditional styles, and there is more room for personal touches. This updated take on traditional makes the classic style more versatile than ever before, allowing it to work with a wide range of home styles, including more casual homes and even some modern styles.

However, new traditional style isn’t just about classically inspired furniture with modern styling. It’s also about mixing and matching traditional pieces with more current furniture and home décor items, creating a fresh feel that can also be very personalized, utilizing all of your favorite pieces. Read on to learn more about new traditional style, and how this twist on traditional can work in your home.